The Traveling Family

Every summertime my family takes a trip. I prefer it to be a place we have never been to before. I have actually mapquested different trips to let the kids pick which vacation they wanted to go on for the year. I really never relax and with 4 kids a relaxing sit by the ocean trip isn’t ideal for me every year. Don’t get me wrong we have had a few and they were tons of fun but I only have a limited amount of years left before my kids go off to college and have their own lives to lead so I want to lead them to experience as much as possible so when they get older they can have an idea of where they would like to take others. Same rationale here as in any other part of my life…we have 4 kids of different ages and the idea that I would choose something that ALL 4 will like for a whole week is pretty impossible so I take pieces of things that I think they would like individually and mesh it into one trip (and of course I have to want to do it too, since I am paying for it now I feel like we are able to trump anything else anyway at this point!).

My goal for the past few years has been to get my family to all 50 states (except Hawaii, they can go on their own dime!). The last two years we have conquered many states, this year we were going to get to some of the furthest states on a trip of a lifetime but it looks like that is going to wait until next year . I am still planning “trips” we just have TBD’s on when they will be taken!

Each kid has been promised a trip to anywhere within reason of course when they graduate high school as well if they keep good grades! Read my blog on this great incentive for them and me!

Check out my blogs on our past trips and see what I have planned for the future! Also check out my to do’s, checklists, and recommendations!