The Sports Mom

Baseball, basketball, soccer, wrestling, marching band, ballet, gymnastics, tennis, and track to name a few!! When the boys were young I coached tball and coach pitch for a few years for their teams! It was a fun time, but once they reached kid pitch I was out! We used to have to attend 50 games each spring between 3 boys and they were little kids too! We were only doing recreational baseball too! We were supposed to be starting my daughter’s first tball year spring of 2020 but not sure that will happen now.

Since my oldest was 2 years old we have spent every fall and spring on the soccer fields! I did have one year I coached when they were little but settled for picking up administrative and treasurer roles in their club teams as they all got a little older. At one time I was admin for all 3 of their teams! It was busy but awesome! This is the one sport that we paid the extra money, put in the extra time and training, and traveled for all 3 boys. We have spent thousands of dollars, hours upon hours on soccer in the past 12 years. I have 2 sons’ still competitively playing and it is still as fun as watching a World Cup game each time they take the field! We love our soccer families and friends that we have made!

All 3 boys played basketball for a few years too. One quit, one continues still to this day, and one decided to do wrestling which is the same season. Wrestling was a whole other experience that I had never seen before! As with anything, I don’t have to totally understand it to be passionate or interested in it! If my kid is putting in the time and effort I am 100{c04c261c8c5334af4a60c65a17d8bf1310c90f199faf3aa4d07f5f581743543e} a fan! My youngest just completed his 3rd year! What a great family you find there as well! This year I wanted to invest my time into becoming a Board Member for the recreational basketball league to support my middle one and that was a great experience! I look forward to doing that again!

Marching band was a brand new experience for me this past year! Wow, do they put in A LOT of work!! See my blogs on that! My oldest was supposed to play his 3rd year of tennis this spring. I still understand nothing about scoring but enjoy seeing him excel!

Now you will see the gymnastics and ballet added here! After 3 boys I had a little princess!! She is 4 going on 14 and she is just busy if not more than the boys! I worry to burn her out but she WANTS to do it and at this point if she wants to I will make every opportunity to her as I did for them even if I don’t understand it all myself! She loves it so I love it too!

See my blogs on First time parents in each of these things to know what to expect! See links to different places you can partake in some of these activities, and much more on The Sports Mom section!