Career Insurance Mom

My identity definitely cannot exist without my children but in the last 9 years I went from a stay at home mom to a career mom almost overnight. I had a college degree and I was involved in tons of organizations in college. I was the ideal candidate for hire if I was 22-23 year old. Instead after I graduated from college at a College Marshall with High Honors in Business Economics, Cum Laude I got married two weeks later and moved to another state. I did work at Navy Federal Credit Union and that was after learning in business it wasn’t what you know but who you know! While I was alone during a deployment I decided to go back for my master’s in education after doing some substitute teaching at Old Dominion College. I was a year into the program (only 2 classes and 2 practicums away) before I had my first son and got the orders to head West. After that I had a son in 05,07, and 08 moving to a new state with each new addition. Three little one’s under 3.5 years old was the toughest job out there! So while those years between 2003 and 2011 were a gap in my resume to an employer those were my hardest worked years! When I was given the opportunity to start a position as an assistant in the department that I would end up coming back to being a Senior Underwriter with an assistant that was a great break for me. The pay wasn’t enough to support myself and 3 kids but with the help of family and luckily my ex I was able to focus energy on working my way up. I know my story isn’t medal worthy or anything but I am darn proud of myself. I have had a few roles all in the insurance industry and am able to support my family! I love myself as a career mom and I love the insurance industry and all of the things that it exemplifies! I am a life long learner (you will see in some of my blogs) and this industry is so fantastic because you can never know EVERYTHING! It continues to feed my desire for knowledge and the largest part of the business being the relationships I thrive on as well! See more….

New to the industry? Welcome! I am your typical insurance nerd!

Want to be a Nerd Like Me? I have been asked many times about continuing education in the insurance industry.…