Paradigm Beauty Salon

Paradigm Beauty Salon

My name is Kristen Money and I am the owner of PARADIGM Beauty Studio located in Bridgewater Falls Shopping Center. I decided to open PARADIGM Beauty as a chance to pursue my passion of education in the beauty industry. I graduated from the Aveda Fredric’s Institute in 2003. After working for Lancome Cosmetics in college, I knew my true passion was making others feel beautiful and good about themselves. Throughout my career I took lots of education courses. I have always been one who loves to learn. In 2015 I took an educator position with a world wide beauty company that was launching in the USA. This opportunity allowed me to begin educating other beauty professionals nationwide. I love watching my students careers move in a positive direction by perfecting their skills and adding new services to their menu. It is rewarding to know that I had an impact on their success. As my clientele and training courses kept growing I realized that I needed help and more space. So I began my journey in searching for the right place to expand and open a beauty and training studio. We opened our doors last March!

At PARADIGM Beauty we offer esthetic services focusing on eyelashes, eyebrow’s, skincare, waxing and makeup. This allows myself and my staff the opportunity to perfect and specialize in our scope. I have an amazing and talented group of girls on my team. Each of them are extremely passionate about what they do. I have truly loved watching them from day one learn, practice and


excel. All of the staff at PARADIGM starts in our training program where they begin offering the services they were taught and trained on in Esthetics school. We begin our program by teaching them a new service one at a time giving them plenty of time to practice and feel confident before they begin taking clients.

Our eyelash services include eyelash extensions, lash lifts and lash tints. Eyelash extensions have been a very popular lash service for over a decade now. This consists of attaching artificial eyelashes to one natural lash. We offer three different types of lash extensions to ensure that we can give our clients the perfect look. Lash lifts are another option for an eyelash service. A lash lift gives the natural eyelashes a semi-permanent curl allowing them to look longer and fuller. Results last about 6-8 weeks. We can add a lash tint to darken the eyelashes after a lash lift or a lash tint can be done as a stand alone service.

Our eyebrow services include microblading, eyebrow tinting, brow henna, eyebrow waxing and a newer service for eyebrows is a brow lift. Microbading is a semi- permanent makeup that can last about 12-18 months before fading away. This is a form of manual tattooing and does involve numbing and breaking the skin. We create tiny incisions through the eyebrow and then deposit a pigment to create the look of hair. Eyebrow tinting is simply applying a tint to darken the hair. Brow henna is similar to a tint in the sense that it will darken the brow


hair. But brow henna also can give a skin stain for most allowing us to create a fuller look than a brow tint. We do a lot of brow henna at our studio. Our newest eyebrow service is a brow lift. This is a similar process to a lash lift but isn’t meant to curl the brows. A brow lift is meant to change the shape or direction of the eyebrow hair. Those with coarse, stubborn eyebrows will benefit best from this.

Our skincare treatments are amazing! We have a separate room with a serene and relaxing atmosphere. I chose to use an organic botanical line because I believe in the power of botanical therapy for the skin. Over the last several years consumers have learned that what was in our everyday skincare products were really doing more harm than help. When I say that our skincare line is organic and botanically based, it is literally grown at a small micro-farm in Sausalito, CA and made fresh for our orders. And the smell is wonderful! Not only do we focus on the face during our facials. Our 1 hour facial includes a foot massage, hand and arm massage and hot stones. All of our facials can be customized to fit any clients skincare needs. We also offer upgrades and additional stand alone skin treatments. A Glow and Go facial is our version of a mini facial for those who are short on time. We also offer dermaplaning and a nano-needle treatment. Dermaplaning is a method of exfoliation to remove dead skin and facial hair. It doesn’t hurt one bit and leaves the skin feeling super soft and smooth. Our nano-needle treatment is a method of infusing different serums deeper into the skin. It


also helps to stimulate collagen and blood flow. We offer complimentary consultations so feel free to schedule one and we can tell you what facial would be best for your skin!

As for waxing, we do it all (almost)! All of our facial waxing is done in our studio space. We have a private room designated for all body waxing services. We offer both hard and soft wax but we prefer to use hard wax. This is so that we can best protect the skin and cause as little pain as possible. I promise, if you have never had hard wax used on you in the past, you are missing out!

Makeup is another service that we offer and is more of a specialty service. We do offer makeup lessons that are one-on-one but most of our makeup services are geared towards weddings, prom, homecoming and special occasions.

In addition to the products that we use in our treatments and services, we also carry a wide variety of retail items. Botnia is our main product line. We also carry some all natural products from Queen City Alchemy and recently brought on a line called Hemp Beauty. We carry a lot of products for eyelashes such as makeup remover, growth serums, conditioners, mascaras and more. We have body products, aftercare for waxing, makeup, skincare tools and CBD products.


Our goal is to provide each and every person with a unique and amazing experience. My studio has a simple, laid back atmosphere and our music is always a big hit. I wanted my studio to be different than others and I truly feel like it is. It took me a while to come up with our name. It was like naming a child, knowing that it would stick with me forever. When I heard the word paradigm, it hit me. I had heard of the word before but didn’t really know the meaning. As it turns out, it means “a typical example or pattern of something; a model”. This is exactly what I hope to be, a great example and a great model to all of my employees, students and clients. Please come in and check out our studio. We would love to meet you and show you around. Or you can visit our website to see everything that we have to offer, Find us on social media for more updated information and to see photos of our work: FaceBook @paradigmbeautystudio, Instagram @paradigm_beatuty_studio.


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