Our Trip to Philly

Our Trip to Philly

The city of Brotherly love. I have been to Philly quite a few times now living on the East coast and going for work for a few years but the actually walk downtown is an experience that I don’t experience each time I visit. I wanted to take the kids down to see some of the history and of course have a famous Philly cheesesteak! We actually stayed downtown this visit as well. The reason for our visit was actually to pick up my oldest son who was finishing his week at Villanova University in a STEM program. He stayed in the dorms there and went experienced his first true time away from home, out of state, and he was only going into middle school! We decided to check out the town of Philadelphia before we picked him up!

You can see a lot in the city and walk to most of it even with kids. We started out at the Liberty Bell Center where we all posed in front of the Liberty Bell (which is smaller than you might think). We visited the First Post Office! Here you can send yourself a postcard and it will be postmarked from the very first Post office! Of course that is what we did! We sent out postcards to other family members as well!

We were able to tour Independence Hall and see all of the old courtrooms. How cool! We stopped for lunch at Sonny’s Famous Cheesesteaks. I think they have a good cheesesteak! We have tried a few other places such as Geno’s Steaks (that is yummy too!). One word of advice, if you are eating midday and have a weak stomach don’t eat too much, the extra cheese might get you!

Dinner we had to check out the Hard Rock Café Philadelphia. I remember when I was little that my family would stop at a Hard Rock Café if they had one in that city. I guess we went for my own childhood. Heck most of what we do is because I am trying to create memories like I had when I was young, but I think that is what a lot of us are doing as parents. I am just glad I am able to recreate and create more than I had ever imagined with my kids!

The next day when we picked up Lucas, we were able to tour the campus of Villanova University for the first time! We did some sight -seeing, picture taking, and a little shopping in the campus store before we took off for DC! Check out some our Philly pics. There is so much more to do. I would recommend doing research before going to maximize your time. Some places you need more than a day or two to really appreciate it! Other times we have gone and went up the steps in Rocky, visited the museums, ate at some of the local restaurants, and did a nighttime tour where they projected lights on sides of building and you wore headphones learning about the city at night! Check out some our Philly pics.

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