My Thirty-One Story

My Thirty-One Story

Hello my name is Keri Cunningham!  I’ve been a consultant with Thirty-One Gifts for twelve years, eight of which have been full time.  Before Thirty-One I was working full time in the mortgage industry, 5 days a week from 9-5. It was your regular run of the mill, no window, cubicle job.  Some would say not seeing the sun 5 out of 7 days a week could wear on the soul.  However, I loved my job! I loved the people I worked with and bonus my husband worked with me.  We were a team, he was an account executive and I was a lead loan processor.  Our little company was a family and I hadn’t ever thought about quitting or what else could be out there.  Fast forward to 2007 when my husband and I found ourselves in the epicenter of the Crash of 2007-2008.  Our little mortgage company was not able to withstand the severe hit the industry had taken.  We found ourselves with no means of employment the summer of 2007.

I remember it like it was yesterday, I was at the mall shopping for new clothing to head back to work after having my 2nd son.  I received a call from my husband telling me that our company had shut down.  We both thought, well keep the clothing because interviews are in the very near future.  Here we were two baby boys ages 2 and 6 months and no employment.  My husband fortunately was able to go back to his previous employer in the same position he left.  I, however, didn’t settle on another loan processing job until late November.  At this point we both had jobs and 2008 was looking up

That is until December 2007.  After only a month at my new job my entire department was laid off and shut down.  That’s two jobs in six months I had lost and my spirit was as the kids say

“shook” at this point.  We had two babies to care for with only one income.  Questions, doubts  and fears soon reared their ugly head into my once confident self.  I felt like the whole world was on my shoulders. That heavy weight that no one but me could bear.  I felt like a failure.  I did not want to interview for another mortgage job, it was way too risky at this point.  The only job I’d had since college was a mere breath in the wind.  Here one moment and gone in an instant.

I decided I wanted to stay at home with my boys.  Financially we were paying an entire paycheck to daycare anyway so I only needed to make up the other half to put us back into a safe financial lifestyle. How was I going to do this?  Babysitting, that’s it, I’ll be able to stay home with my boys while taking care of other children.  It was a win, win!!  I began my childcare business in April of 2008.

Let’s rewind a bit back to March of 2008.  I was at a birthday party and a friend mentioned she was planning to host a Thirty-One party for her 30th birthday.  That was a bit confusing, “ why are you hosting a Thirty-One party when you are only going to be 30?” I asked.  She laughed and said she was hosting a party with a new party plan, direct sales company.  She then showed me her cute little black and white polka dot purse with her monogram initials embroidered in hot pink on the front.  It was adorable and immediately caught my attention!

I went home and after several days I kept feeling this nudge to check this Thirty-One company out.  So I looked it up online and I loved everything about it.  From the products, to the personalization to the faith based mission to celebrate, encourage and reward women. I was SOLD!  I signed up before even attending my friends party at the very same price women enroll at today, $99!!

I babysat for 4 years while building my Thirty-One business.  In June of 2012 I shut my childcare business down and have been with Thirty-One full time ever since!  I built a strong team and a customer base over those 4 years.  Was it scary?  Yes!  Was it hard work?  Yes!  Was it worth it?  YES!!!  I saw the growth I had attained and the money I was able to contribute to my family’s monthly expenses.  It was a seamless transition.  I was free, financially and I had flexibility to stay at home with my boys.  These two things were an answer to a prayer I didn’t even realize I wanted.  Until I did!  I worked very hard to build a business that sustains me and my family today and for that I am forever grateful that God had bigger plans than I could have ever imagined!

My mission:  To empower women in all seasons of life, while giving them the opportunity to start their own business, earn free products as an insider or purchase products that enhance their everyday life at home or on the go.

My service to my team, insiders and customers: To celebrate, encourage and reward my Thirty-One team, Luminous Ladies.  To engage them, coach them and motivate them to see their potential.  To enhance my insiders and customers shopping experience by providing everyday solutions with products that are personal, versatile and unique.  Our products range from totes, purses, bags and accessories that keep you organized on the go to decorative and organizational products for your most personal spaces, ie your home, you car, your office.

To offer an opportunity through the influencer program where women can be a part of a sisterhood that celebrates, encourages and rewards.  Our products are not the only reward.  With a commission based pay the sky’s the limit when you join my team.  You can be an influencer and start your own Thirty-One business for only $99, the same cost as I was able to enroll 12 years ago.  The kit comes with business supplies and a kit of products that retail for over $300.

My goal:  To provide each person that shops, parties or joins my team with an experience not just a purchase.  Whether it’s helping customers with a personalized gift for that birthday, graduation, shower or just a little splurge on themselves to helping an insider host an amazing party to earn free products to organize a space in their home I have a solution.

Twelve years later I can look back and see the way God had His hand in those very scary moments of loss and those joyous moments of gain.  His plan was way bigger than I could have imagined.  I never saw myself being able to work from home while providing for my family.  I never saw myself as a leader, encouraging and supporting other women with their own doubts, fears, dreams and goals.  Each woman on my team came from a very different set of circumstances.  Some love the product and love a discount, some work their business part-time just for some extra cash, some need the girl time and have built relationships with other Thirty-One sisters and customers, some have grown into leaders and have their own team.  What do we all have in common?  We made a choice for a specific reason at a specific time to join a company that truly has grown us financially, emotionally, relationally and spiritually.  A $99 kit was a priceless investment to a life I only thought was a dream.

Check out my website for more information on the Thirty-One mission, opportunity and our products at

Be blessed!

Keri Cunningham

Independent Senior Director

Thirty-One Gifts


[email protected]

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