My 1 year anniversary of how I saved my life…

My 1 year anniversary of how I saved my life…

April 1, 2020 I celebrate 1 year since I started my journey to a new and healthier me. In my past any momentous occasion would be celebrated by what else but food, sweets, and a big margarita! While I still like to go out for a meal to socialize and I admit I will enjoy a small margarita every once in a while this isn’t how I celebrate or how I fulfill my highs or lows anymore. I mean my relationship with food has totally changed and it is saving my life.

Let’s rewind to New Year’s 2019. I had started a new job that was higher stress, took me out of town often, and I was suffering from chronic migraines. This was one thing I couldn’t control, couldn’t find the trigger, and would stop this mom of 4 in her tracks but most of the time I just suffered through it. I knew my stress and general attitude needed to change. I did like my job and I wasn’t getting any less busy with kids so I made a New Year’s resolution to myself. I needed to change my attitude and my health. I admit I did not have the tools and I wasn’t brought up learning about different foods and making it a priority to eat all food groups daily. This is still something that I am learning daily. I needed help. I needed a to do list, a map, or goal to motivate me.

The answer for me came from a nurse at my work that gave me a fabulous opportunity to be a part of a program that taught healthy living. This was a special opportunity. I may have been overlooked before since I was young, didn’t have any existing conditions, not on medication but I was a young mom under a lot of stress who was overweight. I had a family history, my 33 year old father died of a heart attack and this is what made a case for me.

The program started April 1, 2019. Surprise I was out of town but I started the first step and started the program on my own that first week. The program gave us reading materials, blood tests, and weekly goals as a group. The first thing we cut out was wheat. We learned the evolution of wheat and what I think about how it now I do not wish to put in my body. So no problem, right?! Wrong?! I used to eat oatmeal every morning and so what was I going to eat now?? Luckily, my husband was supportive and happily (most of the time) started by making me egg whites/ham every morning. Both good protein. Great way to start my day. The next week we cut out everything except for meat (and eggs we could have because they were protein)! This was the toughest! This helped get sugars out of our body. We then started to add things back in. We learned how to read label, watch for the sugars, and even went on a grocery store tour! We learned health benefits of veggies and having healthy fats. I was probably eating more food with fats in it at first which you would think wouldn’t help lose weight but it did. I wasn’t in this program to look better in jeans (while that has been a great perk). I was doing this to help my headaches and to stop living in a haze.

I was starting to have less headaches and this was my motivation. I didn’t sabotage myself or be in the mindset this was a diet. This for the first time was my new way of life. I wasn’t going to be able to continue with before, something was going to have to give. My pounds starting dropping, headaches became fewer, I then added supplements such as fish oil, Vit D, B, Coq10 to help with any other in balances. I have not looked back since. I did not have a goal weight in mind either. It would come off and then stagnate then a few pounds here and there once I hit 50 pounds down (it took 8 weeks to lose that last pound!).I had made it to the other side!

Full disclosure I did not finish the program due to getting a great opportunity to take another position at another company (and I wasn’t even looking!). I attribute my positive attitude change to this good karma. This position has me home nightly and my new computer screen is a windshield. I think my eyes and brain are thanking me for less hours of screentime.

My first year was mostly about eating and moving but no workout routine. I learned enough and had love and support at home which gave me a jump start for my healthier life and I have been able to continue. It’s not always easy but I am committed and I want to be here for my kids! I am at one year and now I have started a workout routine. So Happy 1 year to me! Here is to the rest of my life!

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