Kylers Story (Kylerstrong)

Kylers Story (Kylerstrong)

Kyler Bradley….my precious little boy who had the world in front of him and loved everything about it at the young age of 10 and had just started 5th grade.  Kyler loved 4-wheeling, boating, getting muddy, skateboarding, basketball, hanging out with family/friends, swimming and just about anything that included being outdoors! Kyler was just like any other boy his age until the day when his left eye turned in towards his nose while his right eye stayed looking straight. That was the only sign of a symptom we got.. Kyler would be diagnosed 5 days later on October 16, 2015 with DIPG (Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma) brain cancer.  His world shattered as well as ours. His diagnosis was inoperable, incurable and less than 1{c04c261c8c5334af4a60c65a17d8bf1310c90f199faf3aa4d07f5f581743543e} of funding going to research to help find a cure for DIPG! Kyler was given 9-12 months to live. Kyler wanted to become famous, so that the world would pray for him and he would get the miracle that he thought he deserved!  Kyler lost use of his whole right side within 10 days of his diagnosis and only went to school 3 more days as the struggle with his brain tumor became more apparent (walking, swallowing, slurred speech, no use of left arm). The news media started showing videos of his story, letters came from around the world, a Halloween party hosted by a neighbor had thousands of people showing up, the Fire Department made him honorary Fire Chief, the Police Department made him honorary Police Chief…Kyler was famous!

We went to numerous doctors appointments to find out the best plan of action to aggressively treat DIPG. A clinical trial opened on November 2, 2015 but on the first day of treatment Kyler went into Respiratory Failure and had to be put on life support. He was then removed from the clinical trial…the only chance he had to aggressively treat this horrific tumor growing inside his brainsteam. After almost 3 months in ICU, Kyler received only radiation and had to receive a trach/NGJ tube in order to come home. Which he did on January 8, 2016. We made sure Kyler got to do everything he wanted, go anywhere he wanted and fulfill HIS bucket list. Make-a-Wish sent us to Disney too! While the world prayed for his miracle,

Kyler gained his angel wings at home in my arms 3 months later on April 12, 2016. Kyler lived 179 days from the day he was diagnosed with DIPG…4 days short of 6 months. Thousands of people showed up for Kyler’s funeral. He was given the service of a fallen Firefighter along with Last Call. Superheroes helped carry Kyler’s casket…after all Kyler is a Superhero for fighting the biggest battle of his life. Kyler made it clear that he wanted us to continue his fight where he left off so no other child/family has to go through this same journey as we did. So weeks later right after he passed we started the KYLERSTRONG FOUNDATION in his name! We are all volunteers and 100{c04c261c8c5334af4a60c65a17d8bf1310c90f199faf3aa4d07f5f581743543e} of all proceeds/donations go directly to Cincinnati Children’s Hospital for DIPG RESEARCH. We have fundraisers/events many times throughout each year. This would include The Jamboree, Pubcrawl, Golf Outing, Baseball Tournament, Motorcycle, Craft, Camping, Jingle and Mingle, Jr. Dragster Racing and Dine to Donate at restaurants to name a few. To date we have given $144,000.00 to DIPG RESEARCH!

Helping us raise money for DIPG RESEARCH is easy as shopping Amazon! We are a recognized Foundation and all you have to do is sign up on Smile Amazon! 0.5{c04c261c8c5334af4a60c65a17d8bf1310c90f199faf3aa4d07f5f581743543e} of what you spend is donated by Amazon to the Foundation.

You can also register your Kroger plus card and a percentage of what you spend goes directly to the Foundation. We have designed a EndDIPG license plate resembling Kyler as a Superhero.  A percentage of license plate sales is donated to the Foundation. You can order your plates through the Ohio BMV!

If you are an eBay Seller you can sign up to donate a percentage of your sales directly to the Foundation. Go to my account and select donation account.

You can also donate directly to the KylerStrong Foundation by PayPal: [email protected]

There is also a booth at the West Chester Antique Center (corner of Union Center and Rt. 747). A percentage of purchases are donated to the Foundation. is our website to purchase KylerStrong clothing, decals, Event registration tickets, bracelets, hats, patches, bumper magnets and more. You can even make donations here!

You might have an idea for a fundraiser? A raffle basket to donate? Want to volunteer at our next event? Would you like to put on an event? Have donations for fundraisers, raffles, silent auctions?

Please contact us:


We need your help! We can’t do it alone.

DIPG doesn’t have a face until it’s your child or someone you know!

Thank you.


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