Ideas for Halloween costume themes

Ideas for Halloween costume themes

So, I am one of those mom’s who lives a chaotic life so to stay sane I need to stay ahead of the game. I need to plan and I like to have ideas of what we are going to do ahead of time. Ok, so I am a little controlling as well. The first few years it was easy. I just told them the theme they each had their favorite character and they chose. Having three boys within 3 years of course I thought it was cute to have them all coordinate. I still do this to this day with all 4 of my kids! I love to be coordinated! I can’t help it! I racked my brain for themes that had 3 characters and now the last few years I have been wracking my brain for a group of 4! This past year my oldest at 14 finally didn’t want to dress like us…so I let all of them decide for themselves. I still had one son that wanted to match his sister and bless his heart! It was a good run! Check out all of our Halloween themes! Feel free to borrow ideas!

Toy Story; Buzz, Woody, and Mr. Potato Head

The Mario Brothers: Mario, Luigi, and Toad

Super Heroes; Batman, Robin, and Superman

Star Wars

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (the dog had to be the 4th!)

Football players and cheerleader

Super Heroes

The Minions (my favorite MOM Maker of Minions shirt)

The Super Mario Family

Ariel and Sebastian (Dad was Flounder and Mom was Ursula)

Our first adult party: Flo and Jake from State Farm





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