How to work from home with kids

How to work from home with kids

Nearly every parents love their kids and want to spend time seeing their kids laugh, play, and do all things the kids love, but many parents are working professionals and have to balance personal and professional life. When the kids are little, every parent, particularly the mothers wish they could stay at home and work, but no one thought that one day, everyone would be staying at home and working. Most of the parents have occasionally stayed at home and worked either due to sick days or tending to a sick child, but the prospect of working home for weeks is one thing that none of us would have imagined.

Coronavirus has altered the lifestyles of billions of people all across the world. Life, in the countries where the virus has done most of the damage, is completely altered, and it would take years for normalcy to return. The schools, offices, and factories are all closed to stop the spread of the pandemic. With strict measures to ensure social distancing, now the home represents both a school and an office. Working parents previously had the option of daycare centers and baby sitters, but that option is not commonly available, and every parent needs to manage work, household chores, and raising kids on their own.

We live in a fast digital world that has allowed the majority of professional people to carry out and fulfill their tasks by working from home. Many of the parents must have thought it would be easy to manage work from home but soon realized that it is anything but simple.

If the kids are small and under 10 years of age, then it becomes difficult, particularly kids who are 3 to 7 years as they have no proper understanding of office work, and think that the parents have free time to play with them. The little kids demand attention every time, and from a parent’s point of view, being presentable for conference calls, managing deadlines, and replying to regular emails becomes quite challenging.

Best blogs for stay at home moms suggest that the first step is to talk with the kids and make them understand the gravity of things and what it all means to stay at home amid a pandemic outbreak. One thing that parents must be aware of that is thinking that they can work non-stop for hours without interruption is wishful thinking because kids are going to be kids. Some of the best tips that parents must consider and follow to effectively balance work and life at home are

  • Establish a routine or schedule and follow it

The first and foremost step is to plan a routine and take into account your work tasks, and if the kids take online classes or not. The parents must see how many hours they will work and if they will work straight for lengthy hours or deliver work by taking breaks. Parents also need to see if they will have frequent video calls to answer or not as sometimes it can be awkward when in the middle of a video call, a kid comes yelling or is playing with a toy.

  • Find a way to keep the kids busy

If the online classes of kids have started, then it is good as the parents can do their office work within the same time when the kids will be attending online lectures and doing the school work assigned to them. After the online classes are done, see how the kids can spend their time without interrupting your office work. Today, thanks to digital technology, we do not have to spend too much time thinking as we can simply ask the kids to play on a gaming console, go cycling, or watch videos on a mobile device. The problem for parents comes when the kids are small to even play with a digital device. The best thing for parents is to keep the little kids occupied with toys.

  • Plan for the interruptions that are going to happen

The one thing that the parents cannot stop from happening is interruptions as the kids will interrupt, not as frequently, but it is going to happen. Best stay at home moms’ blogs talk about how interruptions can be awkward when you are on the phone or a video call, and your kid comes running or jumping around in his/her own rhythm. One of the solutions is to close the door or move in a separate room when making a phone call or answering a video call. The second is to tell your kids beforehand that these few minutes are important, and you do not want any noise. Parents can also use hand signals to ask the kids to get quiet or leave the room for a little while.

  • Get a pet cat or dog if you do not have one

Having a pet cat or dog in the house is having significant joy in the house. Pets are known to relieve stress and be a source of constant happiness. The little kids in the house are really excited and love to play with a pet dog and cat. Getting a pet for your family can be a good solution to keep the kids entertained.

  • Realize your capacity

As a parent, you have many responsibilities, and in order to fulfill them, you need to realize your limitations and work only according to your capacity. Handling work pressure at the office is entirely different than managing deadlines at home as in the home, you have to not only manage the kids but also manage the household chores so that everything is run smoothly.

  • Take proper rest

One of the most important things is taking proper rest and sleeping the recommended 6 to 7 hours a day. Many parents think as they are at home so they can rest as long they want, but many parents are so occupied in balancing their office work and looking after the kids that they tend to forget caring for their own self.

As a parent, you can also ask your friends and family and ask them how they are coping with work from home and you may get some other additional tips that you can apply.

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Erin Keller is the mother of three boys aged 1 four, 1 three, 1 one, and 1 girl four years old. She currently
resides in Fairfield but was brought up in Cincinnati, Ohio, where she also completed her B.A. in Business Economics in 2003. Erin has been very involved with her kids, trying to balance work and life since 2011. Her experience with her kids provided her exciting content for her blog. The blog is Erin’s passion and an ongoing effort of a mom with four kids.

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