Best Stay at Home Mom Blog

Best Stay at Home Mom Blog

If you have been following the CDC guidelines and have been staying home stop watching the news all day, every day. It is saying the same thing except numbers are changing. For your own well being limit the TV News time.

Exercise. However you need to do it. Get up and walk, run, do a sit up, get your blood running. Some of you have a bike or a treadmill that is storing your clothes or collecting dust. Now is a good time to use it! Or if you don’t go outside and walk on your street or drive to a local park and take a hike. Burn some calories, you will feel better.

Step outside and breathe in air that isn’t in your house. Get some vitamin D daily from the sun. This can be on your walk, run, or just sitting on your porch and staring at the green grass and the pretty trees.

Make sure if you work from home you are making a distinction between home and work hours. You cannot work 24/7 and you shouldn’t. You will BURN out. Does your day look the same as before, no. Depends on how old your kids are your day is nothing but normal. I am not saying to not work after 5. You might have to because you took an hour or so to do something with the kids or you just had to simply walk away. That is ok! Just know you have to find a balance or you will feel miserable.

Make to do lists daily still. You don’t have to go anywhere to wake up every day and have an agenda or some tasks. Doesn’t it make you feel so much better when you have completed something or marked something off of your list?? Keep it up!

Don’t throw away your good habits because you overate one day or week because you were anxious or bored. We are all kind of figuring out this new normal and every week brings something new but what you don’t want to do is feel the same depression and fall into bad habits at week 5 that you did at week 1. If you fell off the bandwagon for a little bit, that’s ok, there is always time to start again.

Get back out the calendars and plot what the kids’ new schedules look like. I plotted soccer practice, band, etc for after school before. Now those aren’t things. Now I am plotting out Zoom meetings, now that I have decoded who has who as a teacher I can now help them with a to do list daily. I try to do this the night before. If you have kids not in school put together a lesson plan for them for the next day. We all have parent guilt if we are still working and our kids are being self sufficient without us. Let’s just make sure they have a small part structured or at least a plan to deviate from. You were a multitasking ninja before this now here is your Super Hero powers coming out!

Find time to do something that you wanted to do before but had no time. Not everything at once but one thing at a time. If you don’t you never will.

Stay social with others. Call on the phone, facetime, zoom, social media. Anything to keep your social self relating with others.

Take time to enjoy the country turn to spring. You literally now have time to stop and smell the flowers!

Pretend like you are living on a tropical island or your house is a big bubble protecting your family (this is a new approach)!

You don’t have to have it together every minute or every day! You are not alone! Your feelings are all valid! You are allowed to be sad because you were looking forward to that vacation or because you are stressed working full time and schooling kids and afraid of the world in general. There are always those who have it worse and it is ok to recognize that BUT NEVER invalidate your own feelings. Feel free to vent, converse, and ask for help! I got you!

You got this!

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