How to build positive relationships with children

How to build positive relationships with children

Parents share a special bond with the kids, and it is based on the elements of love, trust, care, belonging, and safety. As social beings, it is necessary for us to interact with each other and discuss things and play our part in living a healthy and positive life. For every child, parents are everything to them, and a good upbringing would ensure that the kids will also take care of the parents when they reach old age.

Maintaining relationships with your family is the duty of every person as in this big world, the first place that you receive love and care is your home. There are many instances where a person will be abused and neglected, but his family will still take care of him/her because family bonds are quite strong. In a parent-child relationship, the weight of developing the relationship falls on the parents as the kids go through numerous stages until they become mature and adult.

The initial first two to three years of the baby’s life are crucial, and then when the child reaches teenage and it is seen that the teenage stage is the most challenging time for both the kids and the parents. When a kid is two to three years, the brain and other body parts are slowly developing, but constant interaction is essential so that a bond is formed between the child and the parents. When the child is distressed, the parents comfort him and care for his every need, which shows that the child is securely attached to the parents. Even when a child is 8 to 10 years old, the child looks up to the parents for support, love, and help whenever they feel uncomfortable.

In an ideal situation, nearly every parent wants to have the best relationship with the kids, but the reality is different, and every parent goes through different problems and reacts differently as well. The financial, social, and emotional factors also play a crucial role in the upbringing of the kids. The children born in affluent families get every comfort and luxury of the world and grow up in a healthy environment while children born in financially unstable homes tend to see many ups and downs that affect their upbringing and overall personality.

For parents, it is essential to take proactive steps to develop positive relationships with kids, as it is imperative for the social and emotional growth of the kids. Parents could also seek counseling help if things do not happen as they planned them. 10 tips to build a relationship with children include

  1. Giving the kids all the love and support

Love is the basis for a strong and lasting relationship. A child will always feel happy when he knows that he is loved and cared for. Many parents are reluctant to show love, like giving hugs when the child becomes a teenager, but it must be practiced.

  1. Allow kids to do whatever they like

Nearly all the kids are inquisitive like a cat and ask many questions to know more about things. But some of the parents may be occupied with things, and simply ignore or disregard the child’s questions, which may leave the child distressed and anxious. Many parents are quick to say ‘No’ just to assert their authority, but it affects the emotional growth of the kid.

  1. Ask the kids to help you in doing different chores

On weekends, many parents tend to complete household tasks, and they can ask the kids to help them. A mother can ask the kid to help her in cooking a meal, and the father can ask the kid to help him with tools as he fixes the car in the garage.

  1. Regularly discuss different aspects of life with kids

Parents should always discuss various aspects of life with kids as the kids grow old so that they know about things and not feel lost. Many parents may think as the kid is small, he may not understand certain things, but things can be discussed in simple words to make the kids understand.

  1. Provide a loving, safe, and secure environment

A home with all the necessities of life should be provided to the kids. Parents should ensure that they provide healthy food and other luxuries and comfort of life to the kids. Many kids even demand their favorite toy or getting a pet dog or cat, which the parents should fulfill.

  1. Avoid using harsh words and favoritism

Parents may quarrel with themselves and use harsh words and even rebuke the kids sometimes. The use of patronizing tone and harsh words impacts the mental and emotional wellbeing of the kids. If there is a family of 3 to 4 kids, then one of the parents may also tend to favor one child in front of the other, which is not right, and every kid must be treated equally.

  1. Talk to them about school and subjects they like

Parents, and particularly the mothers, must talk about the school life of kids and know what subjects interest them as it helps to know the personality of the kids in more detail.

  1. Share your own stories with them

Both the father and mother may have dozens of hilarious stories and embarrassing situations which they need to tell their kids and make them happy. Parents can also discuss the struggle they have to face in some situations and how they coped with problems

  1. Play with them and teach them

Both the mother and father should play with their kids as it is not only a source of joy for the kids, but they may also get to learn many things.

  1. Encourage the kids to be creative and take decisions

Encouragement and words of appreciation can do wonders for your kid. Every child has a creative side that needs to be explored and nurtured. Parents must always congratulate the kid even if the end result is not what the kid wanted.

Parents can follow the tips and advices but these tips can always be changed according to the situation and nature of relationship.

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