Color Street with Denise

Color Street with Denise

Hi my name is Denise Ott I have been married to my husband for 17 years, we have three children 15,10 and 4 yrs old. I am from Cincinnati Ohio, my husband and I spent 3yrs in Washington State while he was stationed there for the U.S. Navy. I work full time as an Admissions Director at a Montessori School. My children are in many different sports which keeps us very busy, but I would not change it for the world.  I love watching my children play sports and love that crazy busy life, well before Covid-19 lol!

In my spare time I enjoy doing crafts and have always enjoyed makeup and all the fun relaxing things women enjoy in pampering themselves with. I also have my cosmetology license and enjoy doing hair. I was a frequent flyer every 2-3 weeks to get my nails done. July of 2009 I was diagnosed with melanoma. I immediately stopped getting my nails done due to the UV light, some people would say you are not under there but a few minutes. This was a very scary time for my family and I to go through.  I was not taking any changes!

I was introduced to Color Street from a Lularoe Rep who started selling Color Street. I requested a twosie which is a sample of the product. I was thinking to myself this is nail polish last is supposed to last for 10 plus days, no way this is a sticker.  I had applied the 2 twosie samples on 2 of my 2 ring fingers, then painted the rest of my nails with nail polish. To do the nail challenge to see which lasted longer. I was impressed with the product on how easy it was to apply and how long the product had lasted verses the nail polish that was chipping within a day. I continued to buy Color Street , the lady who I was buying from said Denise you should sell this product since you love it so much and share with family and friends how great it is. I thought to myself do I want to do this again, I sold Thirty-One for 3 years and enjoyed it, but the company had gotten so big and so many people were selling it so it was hard to have customers.

Color Street was very new at the time, so I thought will it last, is this something worth $99 to start up. I had mentioned to my husband I think I want to sell Color Street he looked at me and said Oh Lord Denise, another thing to sell lol! My response I know honey but this is a new product not very many people here sell Color Street I can do this!

Fast forward to 3 years that I became a Color Street consultant, I am a Team Leader with some ladies underneath me on our team.

So let’s talk what is Color Street? Color Street is 100{c04c261c8c5334af4a60c65a17d8bf1310c90f199faf3aa4d07f5f581743543e} nail polish strips – No vinyl, includes base coat-color, coat and top coat all in one strip! The average wear time is 10-14 days. No special tools required for application.  No dry time, remove with regular nail polish remover. Color Street comes with 16 strips a alcohol prep wipe to clean your nails. Color Street has solids, glitters, designs and french options. The cost of a 16 strip set starts off at $11 and goes to $13. Can you  get a manicure and pedicure for $13?

One of the things that caught my eye for Color Street was the foundation strips they make for different causes, for example Mental Health, Breast Cancer, childhood cancer, military appreciation and Autism awareness are just a few of them. Color Street supports so many causes and a percentage goes toward that foundation. Color Street makes holiday sets and comes out with new colors and designs every Spring and Fall. Color Street supports their consultants with true loyalty and listens to any suggestions we have received from our customers and takes them into consideration for new ideas.

Color Street is very quick on getting orders out to their customers with 5-7 days your order is sent to you. Color Street also has a quick turn around when a design or color sells out to restock that color in a timely manor, the consultants  are always in the loop when items will be restocked with a date. Color Street supports their consultants and customers with 100{c04c261c8c5334af4a60c65a17d8bf1310c90f199faf3aa4d07f5f581743543e} satisfaction.

I would love to introduce you to Color Street and share all of the fun facts and interaction by you joining my VIP page,  Dazzle with Denise on Facebook. On this page I post  games, different ways you can match different colors and when new sets are coming your way and so much more! Color Street offers you to have Nail Bar parties where you host either a party in home, facebook, there are many different ways you can host a nail bar party, and earn FREE product!

My contact information via email is [email protected] (513)615-9279 or join my Facebook page Dazzle with Denise I would love to share what Color Street is all about!

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