Birthday Party Ideas with a few themes for 6 plus

Birthday Party Ideas with a few themes for 6 plus

Check out some of our past parties! If we haven’t hosted a party ourselves we have been to someone else’s or have gone as a family. All of these are approved for tons of fun!

Flip N Twist

This is an indoor gymnastics center that my daughter attends class at but rent out for parties on the weekends. We have had 2 similar theme parties here for my youngest son (his birthday is winter so we always need indoor). He chose to have American Ninja Warrior theme party. They set up some obstacles like a course for the kids. There is a price for 8 and under and 14 and under. You can bring your own food and cake and you get access to tables and their front lobby to eat and congregate!

Escape Room Junior (or Family)

This used to be Escape Room Junior and I think some people thought it was strictly for kids but that is definitely not the case! The boys and I went here one day to one of their two themed rooms. You go in 2 different rooms for 30 minutes a piece (the doors aren’t locked so no need to worry). You figure out mazes, games, clues to release little balls that you throw into a huge thing that marks them with points. Depending on how many balls you unlocked that determines which medal you win! We liked it so much that we had Carson’s birthday party there! It was fun for everyone! The younger kids stayed out in the front or the party room. It is for ages 8-80 and I believe that!

Main Event

Bowling, video games, laser tag, gravity ropes, billards/shuffleboard, restaurants and bar! You can choose your package they start at $15.99 a guest.

Scene 75

This place has 13 attractions including go karts, laser tag, and mini golf. They also have 150 arcade games a full restaurant and bars. You are able to custom build your package with your own party planner!

Dave & Busters

Check out their website for info on 2 hour party packages and up for a minimum of 10 guests. You can also have an adult party!

Get Aire

Packages start at $199.99 up to over $700 wow! This can range for 1-3 hour jump time including food with trampolines, dodgeball, and foam pit.

The Web 

Putt-putt, arcade games, laser tag as well as private party rooms. Pricing starts at $18.99/person.


Packages start at $225 for a few hour of field time rental as well as human bubble balls. Some packages include food and their private room upstairs.

Bowling Parties (Northwest Lanes )

They have 3 different packages starting at $119 for 10 people. You can order pizza and drinks from here. They usually let you bring your own cake. A lot of bowling alleys will allow you to reserve lanes and shoes for a large group or party. If they have a party room you have to reserve that too. You can always just bring a group and do everything on your own in a place like this which I have done before as well. A lot of time they do not let you bring in your own food but I have brought in chips and a cake and just ordered the main dish from their restaurant.

Skating Parties (Skatetown USA

Standard birthday party packages start at $13.99 per person with a 10 person minimum. This includes admission with skate rental, slice of pizza, and small drink, supplies, and a pass to return another time for each person! You are allowed to bring your own cake! You get a table reserved for you and your guests and enjoy skating! We have had a party here and I may have fallen. It does hurt a lot more the older you get!


Premium trampoline park with lazer maze, rock wall, dodge ball, basketball, foam pits, and a small food court. Check out their All Out Adrenaline, Flyer Higher, or Total Rush birthday packages starting at $200. We have gone to jump as a family but have not had our own party here yet!

Pump It Up

Choose from Classic, Deluxe, and Ultimate party packages. Each package is up to 10 kids for 2 hours starting in the $240’s. You get to play on bounce houses and have a private room with food and cake!

Arcade Legacy

There are 2 locations. We had a party Cincinnati Mall (old Forest Fair). This is probably the only thing open in the whole mall anymore. You enter from the back by the garage. They have a giant space full of old video games, new video games, arcade games, Nintendos, big screen dual player games, ping pong, etc! You pay per person and you can reserve the “party table.” You are able to bring in all of your own food and drink. It was a good place for preteen boys, not going to lie the adults had a good time too!  Check out a few pics. That theme was Yoshi!


This is an indoor trampoline park in the Springdale area. Choose from Basic, Epic, and Legendary packages. They start at a min of 10 jumpers with a private party room and 60 to 90 minutes of jump time. You can order pizza and drinks from them! You can bring your own cake. We have gone her numerous times as a family and have gone to others’ parties here!

Catch a professional game with a group!

Reds baseball game

You can check out tickets online. Tickets can be as low as $10-12. If you buy a group you can get a discount sometimes too! Choose a game and try to get as many of your friends and family to join. I had some cookies made and put them in my bag. They let you bring in food so it worked out! I had them personalized. We even got lucky and got a party space. I am sure if it was another game in warmer weather we would not have been able to afford the space but it was a good time and a good game!

FC Cincinnati soccer game

This was the first year for FC Cincinnati when we went so it was the first for a lot of our friends and family. Prices have varied. They are now $18-20 a piece. I ordered through the ticket center so everyone was next to each other. We decided to eat at a local Buffalo Wild Wings and have cake before heading down with our family and friends. We all had a great time and it was a great game!


Home Parties

Home parties are still a great option! You don’t have to be fancy. Just invite some family and a few of the birthday boy or girl’s friends and do a 2 in 1 party! It can be a pizza party, backyard bbq, or a taco bar? Pick a theme and get a cook cake or make it to tie it all together! Depends on the age but I have gotten by with backyard playing, firepits, and video games that we already have available for entertainment! We have had a lot of fun themes and a great cake maker! Check out some of our themes!



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