Birthday Parties for the younger ones

Birthday Parties for the younger ones

There are places that cater to the younger one’s better. It is nice to be able to find places your little one can have fun but remember that a lot of the places have a public place as well and the little kids require a lot more monitoring. It is kind of like going to a place with your friend but following around your own kids in two directions and waving when you pass here and there. I prefer home parties or parties that have just a few people at the younger ages unless you have an adult per kid and you can be the coordinator of the party. Here are just a few ideas from our experiences and some themes we used below for the younger ones.

Flip N Twist

This is where my daughter attends class and the party coordinators (instructors) make the party to fit the age of the kids. Kids of all ages can play and appreciate the squishy floors and the foam pit! You can bring your own food and cake and set up in their lobby.

West Chester Academy

They offer music, dance, gymnastics and acting by day and you can rent out a room for a party for your birthday too! They have different parties depending on the age of the birthday boy or girl. They have Music Pups, Princess dance party, Gymnastics party, and Hip hop dance party. They are 90 minute parties starting at $179 plus.

Chuck E Cheese’s

You can choose from Ultimate Super Star, Mega Super Star, Super Star, or Star Packages. Packages include pizza, drinks, tickets for the bday kid, and tokens for your guests. I have personally thrown MANY parties here for the boys when they were little. We went here a lot even not for parties. This was a perfect place to play games and if you had a coupon you could get a lot of tokens to entertain kids for hours (and parents)! The play area isn’t too large that you will never run into your guests which is what I liked about it when the boys were young. The pizza isn’t too bad either. Of course, you can always come in and celebrate without a party package as well. We brought in our own cake every time too.

Jump n Jacks

Enjoy playtime on the inflatables (privately) and Jack’s playground with access to your own party room. You can customize a party to your own needs.

Petite Princess Parties

You can reserve an appearance starting at $125. You can choose your princess from their site. They also have Super Hero packages if you aren’t into princesses. My daughter had Sleeping Beauty visit our house! They call her something different due to licensing. She came and sang a song, painted nails, did some makeup, read her story, and taught some princess manners to my daughter and guests. She led us in the birthday song and took pics with everyone.  This was very cute idea. Of course the cake and whole party was Princesses!












A fast food restaurant


We have done this when we had a smaller group. We chose a location with a playground so all of the kids played on the playground, had happy meals, and we brought in cake. Might have been a better idea for cupcakes or cookies. No one seemed to mind. This is cost effective and almost like just inviting friends to lunch (I recommend a time that you think less people will be there so before or after lunch hour).


We literally used to go here once or twice a week. It was healthier option and it had a playground. On certain days Kids Eat Free and there are activities with a paid adult. We capitalized on this a ton! For a cheap party just invite some friends and their kids on a Family Night! Activities provided, parents who eat will get their kids’ meal free anyway. The kids can play on the playground and after everyone can trade in their kid’s meal toy for a free ice cream! You have to do what you have to do! My kids never complained.

Home Party

A home party is usually ideal for kids younger than 3 or 4. It is just easier to keep track of all of the kids. It is easier to have your family and your friends who have kids. You can customize whatever theme you want. You can make it enjoyable for kids of all ages and adults. You actually see those you invited the whole time instead of running around following your kid with your head cut off. Home parties aren’t always so comfortable when you have a lot of people who already know each other and you invite some people that you don’t know as well and feel like you have to entertain (after all the younger ones you can’t just drop off usually). If you invite a group such as parents who already know each other from school or dance then that makes it a little easier. We have had a lot of successful home parties in our day! It’s fun if you have a theme! Check out a few of my daughters….the boys had a ton! I will list a few of our themes!  We have had games, selfie booths, and trinkets for guests to take home. See below we actually had Trolls headbands for that party for everyone!

Places that I would recommend that I am not as familiar with….

Kids’ First

Pump it Up (this is more this age) we did have a party here before

Pool Party (I have always been too nervous to do this)



Kings Island

The Beach Waterpark

Restaurants (other than fast food)


Themes we have used in the younger years…

Blues’ Clues

Spongebob Squarepants (more than once)


Dogs theme

Mickey Mouse ( more than once)

Mario Brothers


La Fiesta

Typical Year 1 Parties (more than once)



Doc McStuffins






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