A Little About Us

Welcome to my page!! My name is Erin Keller. I am a mom, wife, sister, daughter, career mom, sports mom, band mom, and the list goes on. My first and most important role to me is being a MOM! While I enjoy my career and I love what I do I will always first identify my whole entire being on my four kids! My oldest is in high school and my youngest is about to start kindergarten! Three boys and last but not least the Princess! Along with my husband, Nick, and two orange boy cats the Princess and I are the only females in the house! I work full time as a Marketing Rep for an insurance company and try to volunteer, organize, and taxi cab in my other full time job (Mom) . It’s a lot to juggle and I commit myself to everything I take on, sometimes it is tough, sometimes it a breeze, either way I am fully blessed and appreciate the opportunity to share our adventures with you and maybe give you some ideas for you!

About Erin:

Erin Keller, mother of 3 boys (14,13, and 11 years old) and 1 girl (4 years old) in Fairfield, OH. She was raised in Cincinnati, Ohio attending Roger Bacon High School and University of Cincinnati. She graduated with a B.A. in Business Economics in 2003. Continuing to be very active in her kids’ lives and extracurriculars and working hard to build her career since 2011 has been what Erin has thrived on. Also has given her so many stories and content she didn’t know what to do with! The blog was a dream of Erin’s for a while now but with the change of events lately she was finally able to make it a reality! The blog is a work in progress such is life especially in a big family. Feel free to contact her anytime at [email protected]

About Nick

Nick Keller, father of our daughter and step father to our 3 boys in Fairfield, OH. He was raised in Cincinnati, Ohio attending Winton Woods High School and University of Cincinnati. He graduated with a B.A. in Organizational Leadership in 2011. Continuing to be active with the kids’ lives and extracurricular and working hard to build his career as a pharmaceutical sales rep. Nick has interests in a lot of different things that the will be in the Dad Blog section. Some of his interests when he has time are golfing, enjoying alcoholic beverages (being a great resource to others!), cooking and more importantly grilling/smoking! You will find a lot of his blogs interesting for moms and dads both! Some of the pictures of his masterpieces will make your hungry for sure! You can contact him for questions at [email protected]

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Mama side hustles

What is a side hustle? By definition it is a part-time job or occupation undertaken in addition to one’s regular employment. There are so many side hustles I can’t even name them all but I am going to list a few that I have actually done myself (a few of the at home businesses that were part of a larger network), have friends that are successful in doing, and others who I employ because after all we can’t do everything and I am more inclined to support the small businesses or mom’s like me who have the niche or skills to help me come out looking good! My example is baking, not good at it one bit but have a friend who is incredible!! The first one I am going to name I am currently doing!


Where you sign up on the app and others can ask you to watch their pets either in their home or in your home. You set your schedule and your rates. It’s a great job if you really do like pets but might not have time to have one. My family would love a dog but with our busy schedules it wouldn’t really be fair to a dog so this is the perfect gig to get a dog to visit, love on, and then send back home (sounds like grandkids ha!) but you get paid! I take walks often too! My 13 year old even went as far as creating his own little dog walking business in our neighborhood. He did have a steady job and loved the dogs and the money. Something he will need to grow now with school out soon.

The at home direct sales businesses

I will admit I have in my years been a sales representative or consultant for three of the businesses I am going to list here. Most of the time it was because I was buying so much product from someone else I thought hey, I want a discount too! The starter kits for many of these businesses are like $99! You also get a lot of product to help sell with that starter kit! You sell to yourself at a discount and ideally expand to your family, friends, and hopefully you can sell to others without giving them your “friends & family discount.” These businesses are pretty established and usually people have heard of them so those who are persistent and find a market with others under them are quite successful. The other businesses I frequent myself but it is nice buying from a friend knowing the profits are going into your pocket!

Thirty-One (I did!), Avon (I did!), Mary Kay, Norwex, Lipsense, Younique, Scentsy (I did!), Rodan & Fields, Pampered Chef, Arbonne, Origami Owl, Paparazzi Accessories, Jamberry Nails, Stella and Dot, Tupperware, Discovery Toys, Tastefully Simple, Creative Memories (I did!), Usbourne Books, and Lularoe! There are more I know!

Crafty and personalized trinkets and gear

Now with the invention of the Cricket there are crafty mom’s out there making all kind of things that us noncrafty mom’s are willing to buy! I have a few favorites and I know that a few of my favorites have actually started small and now have some store fronts! A lot of the sales for these types of businesses are online or via social media. I know this group of crafters are very busy during craft fairs and large vendor sales. I would imagine they have found their ways into boutiques which have been one of my favorite things to find every small town I visit!

Baking cakes or cookies and all things beautiful

These crafty moms are making incredible designs in their own kitchens. Probably started with their own kids or family members birthdays and then they post a pic and EVERYONE is like omg! I need that! I have a mom that has her own business out of her home that I use personally. I know one time she was out of town on one of my kids’ birthday (oh the travesty!) and I did have to research some others. I did find out quite a few local to me. I still went back to my friend. It’s like changing your hair dresser lol. Tough!

Babysitting on weekends/Evenings

I have friends who do this full time as well. I am blessed to LOVE my own sitter for my kids! As a side hustle this would be people who might have a profile on Care.com or have set up special arrangements with friends who may not have typical work hours that can utilize daycare. This isn’t half bad especially if you already have your own brood and the kids just fit right in.


In the past decade I have seen a giant surge of new photographers. If you have some nice expensive equipment, some editing software, and an eye and passion for portraits this has been a great business. Usually done in hours when families are available this side hustle can be quite lucrative once you build your clientele. Especially when your clients have multiple kids! I remember when there were only a few studio options for Senior pictures and now anyone can do them! I will say I am still good friends with my Senior picture photographer and his business is still best in class but thankful for those who are out here doing awesome in their side hustle business.


Well funny that I mention that…while you are reading my BLOG! I have been wanting to do this for YEARS! I know I am way behind a lot of people and have so much to learn but my head and my hands are just so full of ideas I can’t even catch a breath. Which is a good thing since I wouldn’t think that you would want to create a blog of writing things and not have any ideas?! I know there are different niches, different target audiences, and some who are “professional” and some who just like to post when it is convenient and all of the above have a chair at the table in blogging. I have 4 kids, I work full time, my life is like living la vida loco so why not write about it?!? I am excited for this new adventure!

Flipping or reselling things online

What used to be traditional consignment sales are now online sales, marketplaces, and taking over the traditional ebay’s in town. I might add that I did this for a time as well. I was a stay at home mom for 6 years and I tried to find things to make money and one was buying purses at the outlets and selling them brand new on ebay. This was before outlets were everywhere so I sold for higher than I purchased them and it was still a deal! We did this for a few months. It was tough because I couldn’t keep everything to eat in to the profits! People do this for all kinds of things. My sister found an online auction site (which is now crazy busy so not the best deals anymore) and was buying brand new strollers and selling online via fb! Nice, expensive strollers! There is no limit to what people have bought and sold online but I figure this fad isn’t going away anytime soon!


A taxi cab out in suburbia or anywhere now! The yellow taxis are losing business like crazy since the creation of app based services where every day people sign on to be drivers and offer their services of driving people place to play all through the app. It’s actually pretty smart! I don’t utilize it myself but I probably would have when I was younger or if I actually went anywhere cool anymore.

Ubereats/DoorDash, etc

These services where regular people sign up to go to the restaurant and pick up someone’s order and take it to them at their house all using an app has blown up as well. We have always been able to have pizza delivered or even Chinese but no McDonald’s or Taco Bell! Now you can get it delivered! Again, I am paranoid about people touching my food more than they already do but I do see the huge benefit in this service, especially if you don’t have a vehicle or might not be able to get out.


Where people buy or manage properties and rent them out to others who are traveling or need a place to stay other than a hotel. This is all done online or though the app. You have a place to rent out you put it on this site and others can find it and rent from you. My family used this for the first time last summer. We are a family of 6 and hotels with their typical 2 beds and a pull out couch all stuffed into one room isn’t always or ever ideal. We decided to stay at a person’s upstairs apartment and it worked out great! You don’t get fresh towels every day and if the owners live in the building you definitely are constantly yelling at the kids to be quiet but it was a great place to lay our head down and great side hustle for those who have an empty space and want to make some money.

Survey, studies, online apps

Now this all started when I signed up to do a P&G survey on diapers. I was chosen and I got free diapers and had to record answers for a period of time and was compensated. This was great! There are studies like this all of the time. I have done a few. Now there are SO many options and apps that you can earn money after buying things, showing your receipts, more and more and more. I have attempted to use a few sites but I felt like I kept going down a rabbit hole and wasn’t sure what I had just signed up for. I have since given up BUT I know a lot of people that can make some side cash once they break the code!

Mystery Shopper

I did this at one time too! I really have had a lot of experiences! I signed up and would get sent requests to go to certain restaurants and act as a Mystery diner. We got quite a few FREE meals out of it too. It was pre kids so we actually did eat for free. You would keep your receipts, take note of bathroom, service, etc and log it once you got home. They would reimburse you and ta-da it was free. Not a bad gig! You didn’t really make extra money from it, maybe $5 but you got to go out to eat for free so that is money in your purse!

I am sure there are all kind of side hustles going on daily and I salute you mama’s or dad’s who put in the extra hours to try to get some extra income or funds to make your way in this crazy life we are living! I read Fortune and they say 49{c04c261c8c5334af4a60c65a17d8bf1310c90f199faf3aa4d07f5f581743543e} of Americans under Age 35 now report having a side hustle. The use of social media and technology has made this a great time to find other ways to make money if you really need it or you just are doing it for a rainy day or you just want to do something that you believe in and are creative doing but know you won’t make enough to support your family this is perfect for you!

What is your next side hustle??