19 Beautiful Parks and Trails for a Low-Key Walk in Cincinnati

19 Beautiful Parks and Trails for a Low-Key Walk in Cincinnati

Buttercup Valley Nature Preserve

1558 Stanford Drive, Northside
Located in Northside, Buttercup Valley offers some more advanced trails with steep inclines and heavily wooded trails. Attached to Buttercup Valley is Parker’s preserve, which offers a paved trail and woodland trail. Those trails are perfect for beginner hikers or for a small walk through.

With social distancing in full effect in order to flatten the COVID-19 curve, for the most part we’re stay safe at home. Though, it is important to get some fresh air and a taste of nature every once in a while to maintain your sanity.

We’ve compiled a list of chill local parks that you can enjoy without worrying too much about overcrowding. These spots are generally quiet hiking destinations, or are so vast that you can easily slip away into trails less trekked.

Both Great Parks of Hamilton County and Cincinnati Parks have kept their trails and parks open, while noting the importance of keeping six feet away from others and not gathering in groups, and several others nature destinations around the Greater Cincinnati area are still open for walkers to enjoy.

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