16 Date Night Ideas You Haven’t Tried

16 Date Night Ideas You Haven’t Tried

Painting Night!

There have been quite a few of these studios pop up over the past few years. My husband and I took one of our first dates to Painting with A Twist! We chose a night where it was specifically for couples. They give you a painting that is two parts so that you don’t come home with the exact same picture (which I think it a fabulous idea!). The teacher takes you step by step and even if you have ZERO artistic talent you walk out of there thinking you might have a shot! You are able to bring your own drinks and some snacks. They also do serve wine and things at most of the studios. It was worth the experience!

Brewery Tour

This is fun because you can make up your own tour before you head out for the night just to stop in for flights or you can call ahead and try to get an “official” tour. There are also different party buses around the city now that offer Brewery Tours where they pick and drop you off at preselected locations so you don’t have to worry about driving. You can go with a group date night or just jump on board and meet some new friends in the process.

Axe Throwing

This has come about a few years ago as a popular place to head out. As an insurance professional it makes me a little nervous but I would definitely give it a try! I have not done this yet but this is definitely on my list of “to do.” You bring drinks in and take turns throwing an axe, what could go wrong?!

Comedy Club

I know everyone lives in a comedy club if you have kids but wouldn’t it feel great to go out for a great belly laugh! Stay out of the front row so the laugh isn’t at your expense! Local clubs around my area are Go Bananas and Liberty Funny Bone. Check out fb pages and websites for lists of comedians. Some of the old school actors are now comedians, I think I saw Pauly Shore came here a few years ago. I would love to see someone from the past!

Top Golf

I have gone here a few times with work functions and my poor husband the golfer has never even been! This is a nice place for group date nights or just for the two of you! It’s not like real golf. You are trying to get your ball in giant holes out in the fenced area. Full service bar and restaurant that gets brought right to you outside while taking turns golfing in nice weather sounds amazing.

Dinner/Movie at one time

Near us we have gone to the CineBistro Liberty Center. Even though now a lot of regular movie theaters now have the dining option as well. The typical dinner and a movie is still a nice go to but why not do both at the same time! I don’t know about you but after a full dinner and a drink putting me in the dark movie after a long day puts me right to sleep! If I am eating and enjoying my drink during the movie I feel like I have a better chance at capturing the whole thing! Maybe not an ideal date if you want to hold a long conversation during your dinner but if you have been married a while and want to combine two things you love in one and maybe have time to run an errand on the way home before relieving the babysitter this is a dreamboat!

Sports Games

We all go together to our kids’ games and trust me I am one of those mom’s who you think is at a professional game…don’t mind me! This date idea is actually going to a professional game. We have done a lot of this in the past. We liked to head down to UC football games at Homecoming kidless, baseball games, MLS games, and NFL games are all good idea. We have done all of the above. We do tend to take the kids with us to Reds baseball games and FC Cincinnati soccer games due to the lower price point to attend. NFL games are a little more expensive so those typically are reserved for adult dates. It’s always a fun time if you are into sports that is!

American Legacy Tours

This is on my bucket list. A lot of cities have their own tours you can find on travel websites or expedia.com offering tours. This is a tour company in Cincinnati that can take you on a Tour in Historic OTR. I would love to do an underground city tour too! Many different options to consider and a fun adventure with your date!

Play or a show

We are so engulfed with sports with the kids daily. We have 2 now going to be 3 in the band so the arts have become more important in this house as well. I think it makes you well rounded. I have tried to do a better job in having more opportunities to support the arts. Every year I check out the play schedule. I like to find one show as a Date Night. The last one we went to was Rent. This is fun to experience on a date night!

Play Together

Any time you go to Dave N Buster’s or Main Event you are generally with the kids. You fill their game cards, tag behind them, hold their cuts, and help count their winnings to shop in the ever dreaded store at the end!  Sometimes we even get to play some games. Why not go and play alone, the whole time! This is a great time if you have been eyeing the kids and wanting to play too go together and rack up points and take back some bragging rights (or maybe not tell the kids because they will be mad you left them!). Most of these places have food and drinks too! Enjoy


Riverbend is a big venue for summer concerts. I have been to a few but I will say I haven’t personally taken my husband as a date night but I am not totally opposed to it if we both could agree on an artist. This is a great date night for couples who enjoy the same music and the concert going experience!

Paintball anyone?

This might be dangerous but I am pretty sure I want to try this! I found a place in Hamilton under Paintball tickets.com on Eaton Rd. Might not want to go if you have some built up anger though haha.

Cooking Class

My husband is the cook of our house and he enjoys to cook so he might enjoy this more than me but maybe that is why I need to go. Actually, I might not bring this up to him at all J.

BB Riverboats

This is a local service on the Ohio River and it offers day and night cruises with different services. Our city is very beautiful at night so this would be a nice romantic night out. Even time to find some of your dressier clothes to enjoy a classy night. When visiting other cities I know this is offered in many other places as well that are close to a body of water!

Escape Rooms

I have done a few Escape Rooms (even the junior editions). I think this would be a great date night but maybe with another couple. It is hard to find the answers to all of those clues in a big group let alone leaving it all up to just two people. A lot of those places you have to have so many in your group to participate so this is my idea for a group date night!


If you have a winery near you this is a great place to relax and enjoy sampling drinks and usually low key and beautiful.

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